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We are glad to offer you a full complex of paid medical services at acceptable prices:

Consultation of the qualified skilled doctors of hospital of all profile specialties:

  • cardiologist,
  • surgeon,
  • neurologist,
  • ophthalmologist,
  • traumatologist,
  • maxillofacial surgeon,
  • otolaryngologist.

Stationary medical care in departments of hospital with usage of modern methods of diagnostics and treatment with possibility of billeting of patients in separate patient’s room, with individual care.

All types of diagnostics in day of the visit to a doctor:

  • Radiodiagnosis on modern a X-ray devices.
  • Ultrasonography of heart, abdominal organs, urinary system, thyroid gland, bodies of a small pelvic organs with a color dopler.
  • Functional testings of bodies of blood circulation, breath (electrocardiogram, holter, RVG, РЭГ, etc.).
  • Endoscopic testings of digestive organs.

Laboratory: wide range hematologic, all-clinical, biochemical, coagulologic methods of testings (including blood type) lipidic range, PSA, diagnosis of diabetes.

All types of the medical rehabilitation including a stationary stage for traumatologic, neurologic and cardiological patients.

Physiotherapeutic procedures: electrophototherapy, acupuncture, classical medical massage, balneological procedures (bathes,  underwater shower massage, shower Sharco, etc.), therapeutic exercise with usage of training device.

The Center of out-patient and selective surgery works on the basis of hospital  (so-called "Surgery of one day"). For the shortest term:

  • Operative therapy of a cholelithiasis with usage of modern high-tech techniques and the equipment;
  • Decision of proctologic problems: (a hemorrhoidectomy, operations at an anal fissure, benign disease of the anal canal and parianal region, perianal fistula, etc.)
  • Cosmetology and plastic surgeries;
  • Removal of skin neoplasm(papillomas, lipomas, warts, etc.): (correction of age changes of skin, face, neck. Surgical correction of anterior abdominal wall).

Operative therapy of a varicose of the lower extremities, external hernias of different localizations, including with usage of modern plastic materials and abdominoscopy.


  • Functional diagnosis of eye diseases;
  • Optical correction of vision with computer diagnostics of anomalies of a refraction;
  • Jointless operation of cataract with implantation of flexible intraocular lenses;
  • Surgical treatment at glaucoma, intraocular hemorrhages, detached retina;
  • Surgical correction of squint;
  • Eyelid operations at benign disease;
  • Laser microsurgery at glaucoma, retina dystrophies, eye complications of diabetes, a hypertension, etc. general diseases.

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