220108 Korzhenevsky Street, 4, Minsk   

Aspects of work

Consultations of qualified specialists:

  • cardiologist;
  • neurologist;
  • surgeon, including maxillofacial surgeon;
  • traumatologist;
  • otorhinolaryngologist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • rheumatologist.

Laboratory diagnostics: kidney and hepatic pathology, diabetes, prostatitis, general blood test, urine.

Ultrasonic diagnostics: hearts, abdominal organs, thyroid gland, salivary glands, soft tissue.

Radiological researches:

  • bodies of a chest cavity;
  • abdominal organs;
  • bone and articulate system;
  • applied in urology and gynecology.

Endoscopic diagnostic testings.

Functional methods of research: an electrocardiogram, a rheography of vessels of extremities, a brain, an electrocardiogram with load tests, daily record electrocardiogram and arterial pressure for diagnosis of diseases of heart.


  • computer diagnostics;
  • laser microsurgery of eye;
  • ultrasonic research;
  • lens fitting, lenses.

Physiotherapeutic procedures:

  • electrotreatment;
  • phototherapy;
  • influence with factors of the mechanical nature;
  • inhalation therapy;
  • hydrotherapy (shower Sharko, circular,medicinal bathes, hydromassage);
  • thermotreatment;
  • massage.

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